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tv   Putins Pride  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 2:15am-3:01am CET

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winter in moscow. thousands of people lined up in the middle of the night to be a part of an old ritual. in the russian soul where the single. which we are facing god makes a strong on the side of the aircraft yada yada. something resembling a baptism for adults is taking place next to a church. the faithful take a quick dip in ice cold water. on young manhood. during the soviet era this russian orthodox ritual to mark a pitch and all that disappeared now it's being revived.
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this is not just about faith it's a way to show the world but russia is capable of. the world. on russian television is here to show president vladimir putin taking the plunge. 400 kilometers from moscow the man who serves as a role model for his country enters the chilly water. but. this ritual good night's russians in different parts of the country. and the faithful are impressed that their president is leading by example. with the with the brought about a movie or good russian or a religious russian if you spray people to his roots his countrymen this is the man what you let us. want to bring about peace for us you need someone to lead the way . and that's flat on your part in the body but. many things that were banned in the
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soviet union are now presented with pride including cossack traditions. not far from red square are the offices of t.v. a broadcaster that propagates a return to traditional values. even in the lobby it's clear who has the say here the president and the patriarch of moscow and all russia. the broadcaster was founded by constantine. an orthodox businessman and putin ally here journalists criticize western decadence and declare homosexuality to be a cardinal sin so our grad t.v.'s biggest star is host andre often asked you have.
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that's always true to your he's considered one of the best and definitely of well equipped and russian say in the world. the main specialty of it is the ham by in that i can all. jews are spawn to crater it's one of one of the symbols of our channel. in 2017 and very often as you have made international headlines when he produced a video offering the russian homosexuals a free one way ticket to the u.s. so. when you see that you are watching this is not a joke we really want you to move there where you can openly submit to your since you brought up i. saw our grad t.v. says these kinds of pieces have increased viewer numbers substantially. the broadcaster claims a quarter of all russians have watched its programs at least once. the us that's
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a young video of i'm i'm very often us you welcome to the russian answer to. the program's fight for family values and against abortion and they depicts the west as decadent and corrupt. these are also favorite topics of owner constantine mother feel. the 45 year old business tycoon amassed his wealth through banking and internet companies. people call him the orthodox oligarch though he sees himself as a modest he's also said to be into regular contact with glad i'm here put. in my house there from the good substitute for the summer for this moment there because what he's doing right now it would be the best what. could be done by born star. he personifies himself with russia.
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to pass the sense of patriotism and orthodoxy on to the next generation constantine by the fia has also founded a school the st basil the great school is located in an upscale neighborhood in moscow. 400 pupils attend classes in what resembles a palace the school is a training ground for russia's future elites the walls are lined with images of past stars and famous russian writers constant reminders of the pre-revolutionary russian empire. the point was you know for children to know more so these paintings. and dates it's given something to your heart and to your mind to run and if you are not nationalists didn't your module was for to remember you know some some nice you know in back to russian history. of to make sure nothing distracts from the special atmosphere cellphones aren't
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allowed at the same basel the great school for just over $1000.00 euros a month even young children get to learn all about tradition including church slavonic which is still used in orthodox services. where it's a volunteer like church the phonic was if it was. along with the classical education pupils were also taught good manners proper etiquette and dancing. the way 15 year old barbara is the daughter of an oil companies and oh she's attended the school for 4 years. not too bad. procedure and 10.
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i think they did so and this traditional dance was very popular in the 19th century . and we're practicing it for our schools anniversary celebrations what is it when our parents and many other guests will be clear voice. celebrated in the style of the imperial era the ball is one of the highlights of the school year barbara will also dance before the watchful eyes of school founder constantine on a few. i'll admit i'm a bit nervous at the most but after the dress rehearsal there'll be less stress and at the ball i'll be much better but you suspect. barbara lives in an
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exclusive residential area not far from the school with her parents and her younger brother. room is decorated with russian icons but recently barbara has also been learning to play the guitar and her walls are also covered with posters of rock bands which aren't on the curriculum at the st basel the great school. shesher somewhat pushy i'm a completely normal teenager. i listen to alternative rock i like ramstein 3 days grace and green day. and there's a magic dragons and my chemical romance she made the rainbow flags which symbolize the l g b t pride movement herself. i knew my parents don't know what these colors mean and you know at school they tell us that homosexuality is something bad. but i think
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that all people are equal if. you don't. there's even if someone has black skin or a different sexual orientation they should be respected and loved with your view wishing you're with them you. know. this evening barbara's parents are hosting a dinner party her father andre is cooking a specialty from siberia where he grew up. this is siberian sturgeon was the favorite dish of people in the north. that although if we lived in the north for 40 years it was my parents moved there in their youth in the days when it was still the soviet union also i would cyril. andre trained as
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a geologist he worked for an oil company and rose through the ranks until he became its c.e.o. now he belongs to the russian elite. one of the delicious. she barbara's mother anastasio is also preparing a siberian specialty. set of being a londoner impel many dumplings filled with ground russians he loves i would just simply. another married couple and barbara's grandparents have been invited for dinner. and of course there's lots to drink 6 years i wish you luck and with. the roundabout way glad you're here. today it's hot. in russia it's a tradition to say a toast before drinking another glass. as for that poll says the hospital is more of our shores and you drink to your big family may it remain united that's what's
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most valuable to us as the. force of the earth he said that you honor tradition to you in your specific things we've known each other so long because that's not. maybe these russians are so focused on tradition because their recent history has been so chaotic for many change breeds fear. bullshit that in russian history is never a major changes lead to violence. if you please could you let me put you to those who believe we've always had bloody revolution losing to crews with many deaths and lives shattered. ligi should you. write here they're all putin supporters mainly because russia has enjoyed sustained economic growth during his rule. since 1999 the average income has increased 10 fold more unions option and today we have more faith in the future. of the country
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has stabilized. we feel protected in every way you can make money legally stability is the most important thing. but couldn't doesn't just have the wealthy upper class behind him he can also rely on the support of a legendary slavic people known for their courage and fighting skills the cossacks . their troops on horseback once defended russia's borders and spread fear among opponents and religious minorities. rostov on don in southern russia is the center of john cossack culture. grigori is 15 years old his father and his grandfather were cossacks his life's aim is to defend his homeland. the hurdle to put down which everyone must decide if he's a patriot or not. so today russia is subject to many dangers from abroad.
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which is a she should i have to defend my motherland one day. i mean prepared to sacrifice my life with. the sorries we need to instill. grigori has already internalized the cossacks values of patriotism militarism and orthodoxy. it's a mixture that matches blood a mere pittance conservative ideals. grigori as a cadet at the highly regarded shakti cossacks cool. here $220.00 young men are preparing for their military service. while those who go off and therefore kill the fly igs of the russian federation and the rest of regional jets go or court will smith.
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in soviet times cossacks were oppressed after the iron curtain collapsed their culture began to flourish again and putin officially integrated them into the russian army this school is publicly funded to blame yeah i expect our president to hold the country together and ensure our welfare missed any. today is most important duty is the security of our country and must see to it that there is peace in our nation. because what's happening in our borders frightens us. any. grigori and his fellow pupils have the same curriculum as in other russian schools they study everything from math to literature but here there's a special focus on history specifically the history of the cossacks because look at
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. what i said not for what. the. global warming isn't good for the cause x. your head covering as a question of honor. our forefathers only removed it to pray when they entered a church or were communing with god. let's just. run across that died on the battlefield. he was never buried with his casket. it was always brought to his widow. if you will that. along with the uniforms and weapons pupils are also told about their forefathers heroic deeds grigori and his friends are proud of these stories. but discuss the cossacks played
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a key rule in almost all the wars. of war he were the 1st to go into battle. it's because of them that russia was so powerful. so at the school they also put theory into practice they reenact historical battles to internalize heroic feats from bygone days. this was a car that's come here. for school director vitali it's an indispensable exercise. but the school go boom what we've read isn't enough we have to put on the uniforms of our forefathers and use their weapons and march for kilometers in the same conditions you'll meet you killing me it for you we have to withstand cold and snow storms for war that's the only way to learn our history in the good numbers but. it.
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was. after an hour of drills in temperatures of minus 15 degrees celsius the caustic students can finally warm up but before they eat they have to pray. oh. shit. i know what i. mean it's a big issue it's a commotion just me i want to share this adventure with my comrades and i say if you ever need me i'll help them out but i feel connected to them and perhaps will serve in the same regiment. means for fitness. the older students are doing bodybuilding their big role model is glad i'm here
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putin. now i think is good in a strong man for you. and use their c. as a strong character is not here to use their speech physically and mentally strong. much just one of the saudis even a martial arts master with the most prestigious awards system that's all you can lead a country of 150000000 people hear the word they just it's only he can help our country advance and develop much as there was. years of. i don't see anyone who can equal him. good or replace him as president. like every weekend grigori is packing his things. tomorrow he's going home it's a 200 kilometer trip.
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he lives in a small town of some 8000 people in this house. and missed you so much. i miss you too so. these. are gory as parents are divorced. his mother yelena works in a medical lab and earns around 300 euros a month. when her son comes home she lets him sleep in the only bad. it is it or someone brought us my brother was just to belittle it in school because he's a soldier in a special forces unit it's nice you'll notice that it was it was a nobody and he's my role model. that's what a real man and soldier should be like the beach. the way you approach the chili to . yelena does worry about her boys but her love for her country is paramount. the most important thing is that my sons defend our nation. and they must be
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prepared to sacrifice themselves for their comrades if necessary. is this i've raised my sons to be real men. because. she thinks putin is a good president. he supports the revival of also doxy and has had many churches built for us cossacks that's important. since putin has been in power the russian orthodox church has enjoyed a noticeable revival. in the last 2 decades around a 1000 churches have been restored or rebuilt each year. many were destroyed during stalin's rule. since 201165 churches have been erected in moscow alone another 150 are in the planning. the idea is for every muscovite to have a house of worship within easy reach. the
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moscow patriarchate has even been offered the city's green spaces as building sites . the conflict has erupted between residents and church leaders over the tough younker park in northern moscow. on the one side are priests and the faithful who are staking their claim by holding regular man. says here. on the other side are angry locals who don't want to lose their park on poverty are pre-natal shut is the group spokeswoman for 2 years she's been fighting to have the construction stopped or at least postponed. for. us throughout our new shows or there are already 4 churches in this district this would be the 5th why did they have to destroy the park when there are already so
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many. recently natasha and her friends were attacked by a group of thugs. near gloating just for what i was punched in the head who gave me a black eye and broke my bra bones welcome to because generally because i filed a police report i received threats will kill you in the name of our faith. little on. the other protesters were beaten up too but to date the police have stood idly by if you like you know i want to ask you many of us were attacked and injured by s.s. type thoughts yet nothing was done about it. why would you when you would russia were going to. meet with.
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the group which calls itself 40 times 40 is protected by the authorities. it acts on behalf of the orthodox church the name 40 times 40 refers to the $600.00 churches that were said to exist in moscow before the revolution former hooligans and martial artists comprise the armed wing of the orthodox church. the group holds president putin in high esteem and claims to act. in russia's interest these scenes show 40 times 40 s violent intervention turf. in their own way they demonstrate the growing power of the russian orthodox church. we meet members of the group. one of its leaders invited us to a church. in the basement there practicing martial arts. beforehand they also pray here.
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for this sort of symphony of welcome. if you will the little. boy to come. very soon to say this is you've seen with her the play gets us to with one of the scenes are going to flip national solution a dozen the group is comprised of a colorful mix of students police officers and i.t. experts like. twice a week they gather here to train after work. for the family so let's go. first out and keep moving. you know. what tells us that to defend their conservative faith they need to be physically fit. single source articles with cigarettes and it will work for emblem is of course the orthodox knight who defends
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the russian church with a sword in a field a. slight city thing for us long it's there to get over it or push the world so so much love that the loss of the orthodoxy in our country are important to us it's the altars the nazis are seeing. during the soviet era such emblems were forbidden. now they're being used to win the faithful respect the boys from those days i should say so right we have to protect our members in our cathedrals i think if someone attacks us or makes fun of holy things then we have to try to defend the book which we must defend the thinking of that would actually prefer that the shark attack or. other people. over time 40 times 40 have made themselves into sponsible. i was fortunate that they said we're taking on more and more duties at 1st we only defended holy sites that she just said that now we also help with the patriarchs
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church services so they are for that. on the same evening 40 times 40 will be on duty at a ceremonial mouse attended by then prime minister dimitri made the idea. the cathedral of christ the savior moscow's largest cathedral is heavily guarded only invited guests are allowed to. listen to this invitation and if you need it to get in off of the bottom move over until you can almost feel i live where i got it that's a secret change itself he used to like head. i chum and his friends don't need an invitation. around a dozen people from their group are in attendance. at the officially they're here
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as stewards for. every other crazy thing or emotions were running. was the cathedral is full of security personnel. the church service is being transmitted live on television. the. then prime minister dmitri medvedev has come to hear patriarch kirill sermon in person. the. trochee. presence is a good omen. the. culture of russia start somewhere with our best times were always when political power in the church where united the some little as long as this alliance lasts for her nothing can
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happen to us this star nation with russia it. was but yet it was here to represent vladimir putin who was attending a celebration in st petersburg. special effects. well not good for us only christians like it that couldn't is an orthodox believer it should say he supports the church and that's very valuable. in spite of their violent methods and his friends are welcome here. 40 times 40 enjoys the support of the church and likely that of the authorities to. at least that's the opinion of the demonstrators protesting against the construction of the church in moscow's tough yank a park. the attacks against them were never investigated. and the touching
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afghani have been targeted again and again. got a car. in the middle of the night should we suddenly heard someone sawing at our door of the age of truck but not secure we're talking my husband opened it and 15 masked men stormed in and pointed their guns at us or the movie distills i hit them several special units were involved in searching our house including the secret service is this the good it was but to see a saw they were all after us. i. would assume. you have danny and 8 other activists each received unwelcome visitors who were accompanied by t.v. crews. clearly these home searches were meant to serve as warnings. but since you have any began receiving death threats over the internet he now fears
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for his life. i was told it was usual to come talk to you one guy from 40 times 40 wrote that he's digging a grave for me in the park and that he plans to bury me there. because when i went to the police they said. come back when you're dead. and huge. but death threats are no laughing matter in russia. journalists lawyers and politicians have all been victims of deadly attacks. many still remember the assassination of opposition politician boris snaps off just steps from the kremlin . soft served as deputy prime minister of russia under boris yeltsin. he later criticized the corruption under vladimir putin and. the funeral procession from the south turned into a protest march against putin. but the russian president denied any responsibility for the killing. of 52 year old engineer wants to make sure the murder isn't
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forgotten. the struggle i wrote a poem for nemtsov in full. the public should be your reward for telling the truth that was getting hit with 4 bullets that we bow to god. like boris nemtsov hopes the post communist russia would develop into a democratic society. he's never belong to a political party included. but he's protesting against what he views as a politically motivated murder. weapon when there are people at the top who can contract their subordinates to murder opposition leaders. of today were governed by terrorists themselves to show that. once a week holds a night long vigil. his daughter and son in law worry about him. yes
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book or no social or come back safe and sound a chance genesis you say that and then you call us from the pay station to come get you the truth i know the police department well. exactly and that's not the only danger yes. but even numerous arrests haven't dissuaded. on this monday shell once again spent hours in the cold to keep the memory of one of lattimer putin's most vocal critics alive. delia drives 50 kilometers to reach the site of the murder the bolshoi mosque for at ski bridge near the kremlin.
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they asked you to call how long have you been or just recently has the march across the news that was ok we were a bit late anyways. together they've created a modest memorial. just one minute ago. to themself was murdered at 11 31 pm. what state. they observe a minute of silence in front of the walls of the kremlin. you're all in it heroes you don't die you'll be good to give you only earth. a few passers by stop to express their
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support he was killed because he was against. against with you it's so very clear. and everybody knows who killed him. except our judges. that's a very sad story very sad story for our country 5 chechens acting as contract killers were jailed but there's been no investigation into who ordered the hit. i'm not types i'm sure that i'm in the safe when i speak. with her this not only the site is clean very often to drive would be protesters away. delia and his friends take turns guarding the memorial 7 days a week around the clock. time
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and again their vigil has been attacked by ultranationalists one of them struck down old as husband. beat him. up was go and a man came up to evander and asked you don't like putin you. want to be told this that you don't answer it why should i 19. then the man his him and ran off. i just told you that. yvonne was taken to the hospital where he died of heart failure. since then his wife has attended the vigil on her own. less than 3 years after numb soft assassination another opposition politician was prevented from taking part in the russian presidential election. protesters chanted
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down with putin. alexina vonne they made a name for himself blogging against corruption he planned to challenge could mean the 2018 election but was barred from running due to a conviction for a legit embezzlement. convinced the kremlin leadership fears him. at this rally was arrested and held for 8 hours the authorities said the rally hadn't been approved. supporters were furious and chanted russia without putin. that's. what. i was
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feeling but still here kiran because it destroyed our street. iraq and. russia without. knowing let's look. like i've. done with the saw our. lives i. wasn't going to sever sloan's i don't those that you'll get i don't the city official today who has a new sarkozy. what else can you call someone who's been in power for almost 20 years. i'm sorry. to say i am. russia has degenerated into nothing more than a feudal country that's ruled with bayonets clubs and crossers. yvonne is just 16 a kid not to vent his anger in front of the windows of the kremlin but hundreds of police officers are blocking the way.
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for your son fortunately putin's one again today there aren't enough of us. during his 19 years in power glad i'm here put in has a limited his most dangerous opponents. his united russia party holds close to 3 quarters of the seats in the state duma. one of putin's most faithful m.p.'s is fatality malone and. he's the architect of russia's gay propaganda law which has cost many teachers their jobs. so that means that you cannot address just so off to an infant saying that.
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that's sort of me so the me is the normal way of life that's what it's absolutely assured by that's maturity over actions so we put this tradition into legislation. the gay propaganda law was passed almost unanimously with just one abstention. the european court of human rights has ruled that discriminatory. malone of comes from st petersburg the former russian capital is also the birthplace of flat amir putin's. long known as russia's window to the west st petersburg is home to many sexual minorities. but gay bars aren't recognisable from the outside. they don't advertise or fly rainbow flags.
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in a modest apartment on the edge of the city lives a man who is waging his own personal war on homosexuals. he's a jeweler by day. but at night he takes on the role of a criminal investigator he tracks down. using the internet we were there when she didn't know who had him and if i see teachers on a gay or lesbian website then i find out where they work and contact the interior ministry not only on legal action is taken against them when you would have so sometimes they just quit on their own or to show to more doesn't require much evidence one photo on the net is enough which it is a. look at this music teacher. or she pictured here with her girlfriend
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would be her clearly lesbian and people's can see that she published all or photos now she's been fired one and she even went abroad to escape the pressure we are causing the news. to more claims he's caused 70 educators to be sacked so far. due to his activities he's now barred from entering the u.s. and the e.u. . meanwhile in the ritzy area of moscow where barbara lives her family is looking forward to the school ball. or mother has hired a hairdresser to make sure barber shines in front of putin's friends. i'm very excited about. this trial and. yeah it's like a dream where prince is king to go pro my. side my
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child. but whilst the revival of a czarist russia may be a dream for some for others it's a complete nightmare. so . for the markets. it's. the momentum of the working world. newsmagazine made in germany. 30 minutes w. . is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong but
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a verbal combat i mean you're going to see dogs fly the undisputed champion of toast political talk trying to frighten people who so far everybody understands is that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is the fix for your whichever way you like to spin it. click zone. given. the global corona crisis you can find more information online t w dot com don t w social media channels. what
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secrets lie behind games will. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. world heritage 316 get kidnapped now. this is due to be a news and these our top stories german lawmakers have approved an unprecedented for a nice package to shield the country's economy from the effects of a grown up virus the legislation is aimed at supporting health care and propping up businesses hit hard by the pandemic it also rolls back historic restrictions on taking out debt. u.s. lawmakers have agreed to the biggest stimulus package in the nation's history to question the blow from the virus the legislation would provide 2 trillion dollars in funds to help.


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